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What You Need to Know about Asian Dating

Different cultures breed different traditions. What may be acceptable to an American date may not be acceptable to a Chinese date. If you want to venture out into the Asian dating scene, you have to know a few things about Asian dating practice and protocol.

Usually, Asians date with long-term commitment in mind. Of course they do not expect marriage after only one date. Dates are for getting to know you better; they are some sort of test on your suitability as a lifetime mate. The underlying purpose of Asian dating is finding the ideal partner. If you have no such intentions, steer clear of the Asian dating scene.

Asians have deeply ingrained values on what is and what's not proper dating behavior. They do not expect physical intimacy after one or two dates. You have to meet your date's criteria of an ideal partner before you progress to a higher level of intimacy. If you are into the Asian dating scene for a quick “wham bam thank you ma'am,” then the Asian dating scene is generally not for you.

Asians usually have extended family networks. Dating an Asian entails getting inspected by your date's relatives. When you have been dating regularly, you can expect the family summons sooner or later. In the guise of a family dinner, you will be put through the inquisition. If you can't take the heat, then you should forgo the Asian dating scene.

The Asian dating scene can be fun, exciting and edifying, but it's not for everyone.

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